Facilitate Your Travel Trip With These Tips

Holidays are round the corner and people are in the high spirits to make the best of their long vacations. Whether you set your mind to explore the panoramic landscapes of the hills or plunge in the blue water of the beaches, recreation should be at the forefront of your travel. Travelling to a long distance place can be toilsome. Your prime reason to hit the nature’s paradise is to infuse the fresh air and to witness the captivating scenic spots. Before you set on a journey to enjoy a splendid sight of nature, run your eyes through some pivotal travel tips mentioned in this article.



By now, you must have chosen your holiday destination. What next?

1) Research Online: Before you head on a leisure travel, research thoroughly on the place you are about to indulge in. Locate the places of interest, adventurous water sports, hiking and other fun activities, shopping and cuisine delights of the place. Take a printout of the information on the journey to make your stay convenient.

checklist1212) Contact Your Travel Agent: Get in touch with your travel agent for the travel tickets at least three weeks prior the date of journey. To avoid the peak hour rush, ensure to get hold of the ticket from the agent by logging in their travel website. Make sure you get the travel ticket and the hotel accommodation booked in advance from your travel agent.

3) Checklist: Prepare a checklist of packing stuff ahead of time, so that you do not miss out any essentials at the eleventh hour.

4) Expiry Date Of Passport: If your journey is by air, make a check of the expiration date in the passport. Get it renewed before the validity period gets over.

5) Take Sufficient Cash: It is better to carry a wad of notes to tackle the emergency moments. What would you do if you meet a situation where ATM centers are out of your reach? Having a wallet of cash is a wise decision for such exigencies. You can even take a small pay day loan, there are sites like which may be helpful.

6) Ascertain The Currency Rates: Before you plan a trip to another country, familiarize with the currency rates of the place to have a cost-effective leisure travel. Do not let the country’s currency rate put a halt to your shopping spirit.

Trip 2At times, it happens that after you take a day off from your workplace, you still feel lethargic and inactive. The sluggish mind and body signals you to switch off your cell and pack your travel bags to revive the lost energy in a breath-taking place.

Time was when you had to make prior appointments with your travel agent and do the travel bookings ahead of time. With the advent of computer and internet, your travel agents are just a click away. On one hand, you get a vast pool of information on travel agencies at your finger tip. On the other hand, you come across with rogue travel agencies that may drain the pleasures of your wanderlust. How will you know you are signing up to an authentic online travel agent? Glance through the article to get a reliable online travel agent.

Online travel agents are on a rage in the present days. When you run short on time to talk in-person with your travel agent, you click the one-stop way of making your travel reservation online. Your travel agent vouches for a top-notch tour package to make your leisure days pleasurable. Read further to be in the safe hands of an authentic travel service.

1) Have a thorough online research about your travel agent. Authentic travel agents are bound to enlist their names of their companies with a well-reputed travel organization which gives the benefits of filing and sorting out any complaints regarding the travel service.

2) A genuine travel agent will offer to make the travel payments through credit cards. Beware of the travel company who demands to pay in cash during or before the travel procedures.https

3) A loyal travel company will hand over the travel brochures which contain a list of itineraries, sightseeing, hotel fares, travel fares and travel dates, terms and conditions of the travel process.

4) Before making the payment online to your travel agent, verify the link of an authentic travel company. An authorized travel agency will share the web address that starts with ‘https://’. Make a note of ‘s’, as it stands out for security.

5) Always opt for a safe and sound payment site for electronic banking transactions while paying the amount to your travel agent.


A Quick Guide To Help You Move In Four Weeks

Moving is an intensive process and you need months of preparation before you actually move at your new residence. From the selection of household items to transport and deliver them at your new residence is indeed stressful. You need to have a proper planning along with careful execution to make your move successful.

What if you come across a situation where you are asked to make your move within four weeks? Or imagine, you get a notice from your landlord to vacate your present location and shift your base to another location in just four weeks. How will you be able to carry out the moving process in less span of time? You can land in trouble, if you make haste in packing and moving your stuffs from one location to another.

When you have numerous items to transport, ending up in anxiety is inevitable. Especially, when you hardly have few days left in your hand, you may get the feeling of not being able to finish the moving chores at such a short notice. All you have to do is not to lose your cool and fix your mind on the pivotal things which will help make your moving procedure convenient.

With the help of some vital steps, you can successfully execute the relocation in just four weeks. Take a notepad and jot down the points you need to perform in the ensuing weeks. Have an overview of the article to know the useful steps which will help you guide in relocating a new place in less than four weeks.

Phone An Experienced Mover:

Register to a professional moving agency who are expert in transporting your belongings in less hours and in a safe manner. Let your move inform the precise date and day of your move and how soon you want your possessions to be delivered at the new location. Some movers are highly proficient in driving away your items and get them delivered at the mentioned destination in less than no time. Also, the experienced mover will transport your possessions without a hitch.

Inform About The New Address:

Let the companies you are in touch with since several years know the new address in order to receive the uninterrupted services. The services can get blocked, if you fail to notify the new address to the requisite official agencies. When you have only four weeks to move at your new apartment, you might not get time to visit the official agencies in person. It is recommended to update your new address on the desired online sites of the official companies to keep getting the benefits even after shifting at another place. Here is a great step by step guide to file change of address USPS form on-line free at official USPS Site.

Sort And Pack Room By Room:

Do not be in rush to sort and pack your stuffs all together, you can find some great guide about packing the stuff. By doing so, you will land up in a mess and will have no energy left to execute your moving process on the last day of move. Hence, start sorting and packing one room at a time. This will help you pack your household stuffs in a correct way without facing problems at your end.

Time To De-clutter:

Clear out and discard the stuffs will be no longer in use. Whether it is old books, an unused kitchen appliance, rusty attic piece, or any cupboard items, chuck out the unwanted belongings out of your essential packing items. Give away your unessential items to the non-government organizations or organize a yard sale to get a good value of your reused items. De-cluttering helps you give a clear idea of your possessions and ease the stress of relocation.

Telephone The Utility Service Agencies:

When you have less days in hand for your move, there are several other moving tasks which might get slipped out of your mind. In the hustle-bustle of your move, you may forget to disconnect the utility services at your present residence. Call up the utility service agencies to disconnect the services and reconnect them at your new place. Notify them the actual date of your move, so that the crew members of the agency can do the necessary connection work in your new abode before you start living at your new house. Whether it is the internet connection, electricity, gas and water supply, phone connection service, or bank account transfer, get the work of disconnection done once you leave your present home.


Tips To Be An Effective Time Manager

Have you been successful in meeting your daily targets? Do you have a diary of to-do lists? Are you organized at work? Do you find trouble delivering the projects on time? Do you submit your work after the deadline? Do you feel stressed juggling too many tasks at a time? If you are one of those who run short on time and you are unable to hit the desired goals of your life, then glance through the effective points to manage time effectively.

1) Proper Planning: When you have the first sips of coffee in the early morning, chart out your tasks for the day. Jot down all the hard and easy, big and small tasks of the day. Chalking out your daily tasks will help you carry out the tasks in an effective manner. Remember, proper planning prevents poor performance.

2) A Reminder On Your Phone: It might happen that you slip your mind to perform a very important task on a day. To avoid such absentmindedness, make a note on your phone about the imperative tasks of certain days in a month. Keeping a reminder on your phone will help you recall the essential tasks to be executed on specific days. Here is a great Android App For Reminder for your phone.

3) Adhere To Deadline: Pay heed to the submission date and time for the tasks you have been allotted. Attach a timeline to your work. Schedule the time ahead of the deadline. If you set the deadline on time, you are likely to end up the task behind scheduled time. Hence, it is advisable to strive to make the submissions ahead of time.

4) Keep Your Eyes On The Clock: At times, people get wrapped up in work to such an extent that they lose contact with time. Keeping a watch in front of you will help keep track of time efficiently and you will be able to finish the task before the assigned time.

5) Concentrate: Take a single task and divert all your energy in completing the task successfully. Focus your time around your priorities. Stop squandering time on futile stuff.

6) Avoid Materialistic Distractions: Keep your phone on a vibration mode. Keep your mind away from social networking sites and other mobile applications by pressing a ‘log out’ button.

7) Realize Your Prime Task: Belittle all the irrelevant tasks from your calendar that you come across on a day. The pivotal work of the day should be your first priority and should be performed at the first place.   You do not have to be an excellent time manager by becoming a workaholic. On the contrary, learn to tackle the master of time and implement in your life.

Meet your daily target with these time management skills.


Select The Right Web Hosting Service

You have something new to present in your business, and you want to get projects in abundance from your clients. Hence, you have in mind to include new clients in your business. You wish to make your ideas reach to your clients, you need to showcase your skills to offer them. How would you do? Think on your first target customer. Take the help of web channel to communicate your ideas, services and your company profile across the globe. Seeking the help of website can fulfill the satisfaction of reaching out to the type of clients you are looking for. In your company profile on the website, you can mention the services, update new products and get the clients’ attention in one-stop place of a website.

How about launching a new website which would focus the type of clients you need? To make your website, you need a reliable web host. Selecting a web host isn’t a piece of cake. There are countless web hosting providers in the market who offer attractive packages to meet your needs. Some web hosts offer cheap or free host services and paid web host services. Whereas, some web hosts offer coupons and codes to make the web hosting packages inexpensive to the users. There are many Hostgator coupon codes for October-November 2014 available if you are willing to give a try to Hostgator. There are some essential points to consider before you sign up for web hosting services.

Read below to know the right web hosting service.

1) What Is The Purpose Of Creating Your Website?  Before you make up your mind to create a website, think on the purpose of making your website. Do you want to use the site to spread information? Do you want to make a website to exhibit your talents? Do you plan to display your company’s products and other services? Take into account of all the points for creating a website. Once you know the purpose of making the website, it will be easy to choose the right web hosting service. If you are a college student and wish to have a website for pleasure or to share your creativity with your dear ones, opt for a Free Hosting Service. It is a budget-friendly service for the beginners. If you are pressed on money, then go for a free hosting service.

2) Is Your Business Expanding?  You have a company website which was made years ago, but you are not satisfied with the currents tools as it lacks in many aspects. Hence, you decide to make a brand new website to seek interest of your clients. Choose a Paid Web Hosting Service to satiate your professional needs. From downloading to installation of new themes, posting advertisements of products, you can be the master of your own website. In this service, you are offered with limitless features. One of the upsides of a paid hosting service is that you take charge of your website. For e-business, choosing a paid web hosting service is a wise decision.

3) Know Your Web Hosting Service: Learn about the various types of services from your web hosting providers and use them as per your personal and business requirements.

4) Customer Care: What if you meet with a technical hassle while working on your website? Have a close look at the customer care options before you pick your choice of web hosting service. Talking about the technical issue directly with the customer care manager would be the best way to sort out the issue when needed. Solving the technical matters via Emails is also a good way, but you need to see that it is supported round the clock.

Give a new direction to your business by using the right web hosting service.


How To Lose Weight With Green Tea

Are you a health-conscious person? Are you selective in diet? Kick-start your day with a rejuvenating green tea. With thermo-genic qualities, green tea exhausts your metabolism and depletes your unnecessary food cravings, resulting in losing your weight in a natural way. Get on the positive side of green tea which mitigates the level of lipid fats you imbibe when you ingest food, giving a beneficiary outcome in reducing the level of cholesterol and keeping your heart hearty for long.

Read through the tips to know how consumption of green tea can help lose your weight.

1) Drink green tea in place of coffee every morning to improve your health and infuse energy all day long. Avoid fillers in your green tea, as they can dent the qualities of the tea.

2) A repeated consumption of green tea is advisable, as the tea contains less percentage of caffeine and deters you from frequent food cravings. It is best to have green tea before or after your meal.

3) Having sips of green tea along with a morning jog enhances a better result in curbing your weight. Green tea has an amino L-theamine which increases your focus ability, keeps you cool and infuses a wave of tranquil in your mind.

4) Start your day with an energizing beverage. What better than a cup of green tea to fill you with abundance of energy through out the day. Green tea has the attribute to suppress the desire of snacking every now and then, which in turn, curbs your unhealthy diet and prevents you in gaining extra pounds.

5) Get into the habit of drinking tea on a regular basis. The habitual practice of drinking green tea will prepare your body to use up less fat over a long period of time.

Tick off the unhealthy beverages and get hold on to a exhiliarating hearty green tea.


Four Effective Tips To Get Shot Of Acne Marks

On one hand people say, beauty is secondary and skin deep. On the other hand, it is often heard first impression is the last impression. Can you deny that a tiny spot on your face does not give you a reason to fret? Hearing of the spot, your mind strikes of the pimples after popped leaves a patch of damaged skin behind. A prick or a squeeze on the acne turns out to be a red inflammation on the skin which worsens the glow of the skin.

The Growth Of Acne: Prime causes are bacteria accumulates in the clogged follicles, rise in hormone production, junk food, stress, medications, exposure to harsh cosmetics, etc.

Home Remedies: An embarrassing mark on the skin dents your personality and confidence. Avoid the expensive surgical treatments and therapeutic medications to get shot of acne marks. Instead of breaking your bank in chemical-based cosmetics and other beauty therapies, get your hands on to the effective home remedies. The simple natural remedies found in home are the best heal for acne.

A) The unequivocal skin care of Aloe Vera:  Peel out the outer layer of a leaf, scoop out the sticky gel and apply the paste in the affected area of the skin. Wash it with cold water after 20 minutes.

B) The high-water content vegetable of Tomato Pulp:  Crush tomato pieces into a liquid pulp. Apply in the acne scars. Rinse off with lukewarm water.

C) The anti-bacterial quality of Neem Leaves: Place the paste of neem leaves on the affected area for 15 minutes. Gently wash later.

D) The pulpy Oranges: Peel off the skin and make a fine powder with drops of rose water. Place the paste on the mark. Wash with cold water.

No more acne woes. Use the remedies and shrug off the ugly scars.


Four Dating Spots To Visit In Sweden With Your Date

In Sweden  Interaction with opposite sex builds up a sense of interest to get an in-depth of a personality, which later culminates into a romantic relationship. The process of knowing eachother starts with a date. Dating serves as a platform to stay connected in a beautiful relationship in a form of a good companion. Dating gives you a scope to understand the person you like in a better way. To filter out the suitable partner for yourself, dating is the source. An access to make your relationship strong with your soulmate is dating.

A gateway to find the person you look for in a flash is online dating. By browsing various datingsidor (as dating websites are known in Sweden), you can choose your type of person you want to date with. If your preferance is a Swedish girl, then the best dating site is is apt for people of all age groups. The interesting part is, the site conducts social events for couples because of which people tend to sign up this dating site in a large number.

Dating a swedish girl? In which place you are going to take your date? Choosing the right ambience for a date is one of the prominent steps. Some select drab locations for dating, ruining the mood of their partners. Be cautious when you take your date out with you.

Get to know in this article top four dating spots to visit with your date in Sweden. You are in the best of spirits to get swayed with your partner in a mood of romance. Let your spirits go high and make your date memorable with the mesmerizing and unusual dating spots your date will really fall for.

Drottningholm Palace

Drottningholm Palace

1) Drottningholm Palace: One of the apt places to visit during summer. Give a royal treat to your love in a royal palace of Sweden. Have a romantic walk with hand-in-hand at the beautiful park near the palace. Delight your love in an aesthetic pleasure of theatre situated in the palace. Open your heart with your partner in the luscious Baroque garden nearby. Have a classy date with your love to get an unique dating experience you never had before.

2) Gamla Stan: One of the oldest and important part of Sweden. Also, a sought-after spot of Stockholm has captured the hearts of Swedish people and made its mark across the globe. Fly back in time with your date to a place where you both can witness the ecstatic views that would make your day truly outstanding.

3) A Glimpse Of Stadshuset: Make your date different from all. How about visiting on an architectural locations? Let your love view one of the masterpieces of Swedish romanticism decked up with modern architectural designs. The large courtyards of the place allows you both to take a romantic stroll around. Climb 365 steps with your partner to get the finest views fom above. Taking gorgeous views from a tall radio tower can be one of the adventerous dates so far. Let both of yours senses fly with the scenic beauties you get to see from top.

4)  Lilla Essingen Strand: One of the best hang-outs full of fun welcomes all in the place. The place is unique for a special thing. Unlike other beaches, you will get to see no sand in this beach of Lilla Essingen Strand. A remarkable beach calls you both to spend a romantic time together with exotic drinks and delishes in the mind-boggling place. Take back romantic memories on your way back.

Let the lovesome spots unite two hearts forever.


5 Points – Reap The Benefits Of A Notebook

Computer technology is on a rise these days. With the growing demand of computer and laptop, a portable notebook is growing double quick. The notebook designed in present days is much advanced than in the past years. But before purchasing a notebook, make a note on some of the pros of a notebook.

1) Size: If you are running short of space to place a computer, then your better option is a notebook. Owing to the small size, it gets fitted into any place as per your requirement. You can carry easily everywhere you want. After the use, shut and place at your convenient place or in a bag.

2) Portable: If you are on a week-long trip or on a business meet, take along the notebook with ease as it is a lightweight device to make your travel convenient. Owing to its durable quality, the notebook becomes an apple of everyone’s eye.

3) Price: Before delving in a product, the price has always been a prime concern. The several upsides of a notebook are making a popular, durable device among users. The prominence of a notebook results high in production and makes the cost affordable to the consumers.

4) Entertainment: Have an easy access to browse the internet or keep your mind busy in a leisure game or listening to a soothing music with its MP3 players and portable DVD players.

5) Work On The Go: Unfold the device and place it on your lap or on a table at a coffee centre, and complete your work on the go. You can also place the device on the bench and enjoy your work in the lush greenery of a beautiful garden area. Prepare a business presentation or type a  content on WORD file; all work can happen in one device. Hence, a user-friendly device.

Reap the benefits of a notebook to have a leisure use.


Cougar Dating: Why Younger Men Like Older Women

A cougar is a term, which is used for puma, panther or mountain lion, but this term is also used to define a woman of 35 or 40 years and seeking younger men to date, is very popular in France. The term cougar dating applies when a cougar wants to date a man 8 to 10 years younger than she is. Cougar dating or as known in French Rencontre cougar was first used in a TV series and in a Canadian website for dating. The term became popular because of the interesting idea it attaches. This is why many cougar dating sites are now established to provide cougars young men to build friendship or more than friendship.

Cougars love to date younger men because it gives them confidence, they are like a trophy to them. Nowadays, many young men have interest in older women; they are more comfortable to date with an older woman than a younger one. One may fall for a legendary cougar as old people know a lot more about life and have enough experience to handle any situation. This is why dealing with an older woman one should be open minded to start a conversation.

Reasons about Why Younger Men Like Older Women:

There are many reasons about why younger men find older women attractive.

First, they have more life experience that means they make wiser decisions. They also give better advice in any situation and help his young partner in coping with life, family and career. Being with her one will become a better man and a lover. Moreover, she will understand your needs and appreciate your decisions in any circumstances.

Secondly, they are not prone to some bad habits that a young girl might have, such as smoking, staying out all night or boozing, etc. As they are too much figure conscious, they eat healthy foods and work out regularly to stay fit. Their best thing is their beauty and they will do anything to look good. They do things that make her stand alone in a crowd and help to protect their sense of self-respect that most men find attractive.

Thirdly, as she is financially strong she does not need yours and even do not care about how much you earn. It is an advantage to a younger man, who may not be financially strong and unable to pay for everything. Moreover, like any young girl she will not call you for everything asking silly questions such as: Where are you? Why didn’t you call? Etc. She will not show you any tantrum or cry for little things because of her maturity and experience she is able to handle any situation without anyone’s help.

Some other interesting facts about cougars are that she is socially and sexually savvy and they know what they like in love and in a physical relationship. Unlike most young girls, they are less afraid to talk about their likes and dislikes in lovemaking as it gives them a sense of power and satisfaction. Every man knows that when a woman talks about her needs and what makes her happy in lovemaking; it makes a man more confident and easier to do the right thing that can satisfy his partner. Being intimate with your partner means that you are satisfied and it can be a sign of a long-term relationship. Because when two people discuss about their likes and dislike in bed and in their life, it helps to bring them closer. An older woman is a package of emotion, maturity, sexuality and loyalty. This is why they never hurt men because they know what they are doing and if they do not like you, they will tell you in your face, as they don’t have a habit of concealing their feelings.

If you are searching for Cougars then some great sites are available which can provide you the right type of dating experience, site de rencontre cougar is one of those site which provides a god insight and great tips for cougar dating.

General, Tech

Top Five Antivirus Software


For any PC, laptop, tablet and smartphone it is important to have anti-virus software. Today, there is a wide variety of anti-virus software to protect your computer from malware or Trojan. But, not all anti-virus suites have the same kind of functions and features such as parental control, smartphone anti-virus, identity theft protection and privacy controls. These functions vary from one product to another. However, one can still choose by analyzing the capability of the anti-virus, usability for fending off malware. Third-party software may provide you some extra software utility, which you will not find in Windows security feature.

Top Five Antivirus Software:

When it comes to the protection of a system, people become skeptic on which security software is worth investment. However, five most popular anti-virus software has become successful in gaining the trust of people by factors of features, usability, performance, upgrade capabilities and support.

1. Kaspersky:

It is one of the best brands in PC security with some powerful and unique features, such as parental control, detects new malware at 100 percent success rate and much more. However, it is a bit expensive, but it offers features and tools that worth the money. Kaspersky is easy to use that gives high-level of protection and take very less time to scan your system. The new Kaspersky anti-virus 2013 is launched especially for the features of Windows 8. It has a new user interface, which is touch-friendly with easy navigation. Some other features of this new version of Kaspersky are Windows troubleshooting assistant, browser vulnerability scanner, disc creator and privacy cleaner.

2. Bitdefender:

The second best anti-virus software is Bitdefender that provides an unfailing protection to your PC. It is the best anti-virus on terms of providing features that are not common in other anti-virus such as gamer mode, customizable interface, etc. Moreover, it also keeps a check on your childern’s social media account, keep hackers away from stealing your banking information, provide parental control, malware protection and much more. It has a feature that detects and destroys threats that attempts to track your activities. Bitdefender sets new standards in the technique of internet security detection, firewall and 100 percent security.

3. Norton:

The third anti-virus in the list is Norton anti-virus; it is easy to operate with several other features and performance that works together to protect your PC. As the online environment has become annoying, with several threats and hackers to track your sensitive information, this anti-virus has a proactive security measure. Symantec’s Norton anti-virus is one of the products that detect malware before the bugs enter into your PC. Moreover, it never slows down your system with an improved update system. The new release of 2014 is Symantec’s Norton 360 is an upgraded version that protects your PC and spots even the smallest threat from the internet. It has several other functions such as parental control, privacy protection, with user-friendly features.

4. AVG anti-virus:

The fourth one on the list is AVG anti-virus that protects your PC with layers of protection. It delivers advanced protection with user-friendly features. Some of the unique features of this anti-virus are that it gives protection from the social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, etc; it also has a LinkScanner feature that protects your PC from unreliable websites and many more.

5. McAfee:

The fifth and last in the list is McAfee anti-virus software that offers a number of protections for your PC. It has a redesigned user interface and covers every threat, from hackers, bugs, parental control, etc. It also offers web and email protection, firewall, vulnerability scanner, McAfee Quick Clean and many other features.


Fast Food – The Hot Culture

Fast food as we now know it was first popularized in the 1950s in the U.S.A. But fast food then was a much simpler concept than it is now. The term, fast food, implies a meal that takes relatively less time to prepare. They are meals prepared in restaurants that have ingredients which are either pre-cooked or pre-heated and then served in a packaged form. However, the concept of fast food is a much more complicated affair in the 21st century. Fast Food Chains Fast food may have started off as something that was sold from carts, stands or kiosks but it is now an industry that is worth billions of dollars worldwide. What started off with hot dogs and burgers has now extended to include cuisine from all over the world. Fast food can now be anything from Mexican to Chinese. The vast variety of dishes that are served up as fast food is truly astonishing. The culture of fast food is such that it has permeated the lives of people all over the world. Small stands and kiosks have now become massive fast food chains. Establishments like McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King, etc. exist not only in the USA but in scores of countries across the globe. The food available at such places is made with standardised ingredients that are produced in one central location and then transported to their different outlets around the world. This leads to a standard quality of food that is tasty. Ordering at a fast food restaurant is a quick process. The menu is usually on display on a big lighted screen and tells you everything you need to know about the food there. Fast food chains are also popular for their combo meals which are usually a variation of their best items in sizeable quantities and claim to be economical. McDonalds are well known for their Happy Meal which always comes with a free toy. KFC’s chicken bucket is also world famous. Once you place your order, service takes a matter of minutes.


Digital Signature – The Hidden Gem

Since time immemorial there have been reports of man signing documents as a sign of responsibility, so that any faults in his job can be traced back to him and there is 100% accountability. This goes back to the time of Julius Caesar, the great roman emperor who made his people sign documents to have accountability and order in the affairs. Even today we follow the same system of signing be it cheque leaves or application forms or posts, we sign to be accountable and a proof that we have done it so that it can be traced back to us if any discrepancy is found.

Digital SignatureBased on this very human nature e – signatures and/or digital signatures evolved. In essence a digital signature is a signature of a person on a document albeit it is not a physical signature, but good enough nonetheless. It is nothing but a coded picture of your name or signature which makes the document to the third party inaccessible. An individual wishing to have a digital signature should first register himself/herself with the registering authorities regarding what kind of signature they want and of course on payment of a fee you will be allotted a signature which is unique and like fingerprints no two people are given the same signature as it would become counterproductive. Usually the period up to which you are the owner of the signature is pre determined, say 1 year, 2 year, etc, after which the authorities can assign that very signature to anybody if you do not renew it.

It ensures that the documents submitted electronically are authentic and secure. It is the only security as of date for e – forms. A valid digital signature tells the receiver that the document or information is sent by a friendly person and it is secure. Today  the government has made it mandatory for all bank managers and slowly it is directing all the heads of the companies to have a digital signature of their own as all transactions and document submissions must happen online. Since every digital signature is unique a sender cannot deny sending the data or document if the digital signature attached to it is valid one.

As stated earlier governments insistence on having a digital signature is growing and not only that MNCs and foreign companies don’t even recognize your communication if it is not attested with a digital signature.

Uses of e – signatures:

  • Security – the main reason an e – signature is attached to a document is because to ensure its security. Nobody other than one having the key can open the document, so there is no question of integrity of the document being compromised.
  • Authentication – it usually works the same way as the ink and paper signature. Once the digital signature is attached, the sender by default authenticates the information.
  • Non – repudiation – this is similar to authentication. This usually means that on attaching a digital signature the sender cannot deny sending the data or the documents.

Digital signatures today are gaining prominence as people are able to wrap their heads around it and understand it so that they can use it in an effective way which will help them in their endeavors. Even with all the hype around it digital signatures are still in their infancy. As people are beginning to understand the importance of it and the role it can play in helping them out is starting to appear. So now it is being viewed as a potential asset more than a mere formality, as it was viewed sometime back.

The coming say 3 – 5 years are going to decide in which way people are going in terms of embracing the digital signatures. With the governmental bodies pressure and peer pressure  from the bigger companies, all local firms are beginning towards having a digital signature of their own.

With the technology evolving every day the threats are evolving too. To be on the safer side everybody are advised to have a digital signature handy so that tomorrow a time may come when the same digital signature may have avoided you a major hassle.


How to write a good eulogy

Writing an eulogy for friend or eulogy for father is an intimidating experience for anyone. A eulogy is not just a speech but a homage to the dear one, to keep alive their legacy eternally alive. The overwhelming emotions and the circumstances may prevent one from being able to think clearly to put into words all they want to express. Whether one is writing a eulogy for friend, eulogy for father or for any other dear one, the challenge remains the same, the plethora of emotions drown the words. The most important thing while writing a eulogy is to be honest about what you are saying. While the eulogy must highlight the positive aspects of the lost one, there is no point in excessively praising the deceased when you do not mean it.

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The eulogy for father or eulogy for a friend or anyone must begin with a self introduction which must be very brief and must mention how you are related to the deceased. This must not take more than a couple of sentences. Good eulogy examples begin on a positive note highlighting the morals and beliefs of the departed. It is better to make adjectives personalised to the person rather than using the cliché’s. The eulogy must uncover an aspect of the person that most people might not be aware of.

After the beginning, the middle part of the eulogy could expand on the beliefs mentioned in the introduction. A few anecdotes can lend an air of easiness to the tense situation and can make peoples around feel better. But make sure that these are interesting and are told in a crisp way doing without the unnecessary details. Eulogy examples which lighten up the atmosphere are considered better than mournful melancholous speeches.


Two Games That Will Kill Your Time

Two games that will kill your time like anything.  They are so much time consuming that one of the game is about to come with a warning to take a break.

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga was the number one game on both Apple and Google Play stores and Facebook. The game became an addiction among people of all age groups because of its appeal. The point of the game is to cross levels by lining up the same candies and achieving the required target. What keeps you hooked to the game is the way in which it makes you wait. Every time you fail to cross a level, you lose a life of which you have only five at a time. Once you’re out of lives you to have wait for your lives to regenerate before you can play again. The visual appeal of the game is startlingly good. The colourful candies make the game very attractive and addictive. The simple brilliance of the game can bring out the child in any person having a go at the game.

Flappy Bird

The story of Flappy bird is a very fascinating one. When all mobile users were addicted to games like Temple Run, Temple Run 2, Subway Surfer, Candy Crush Saga, etc. the game of Flappy Bird made a very strong and fleeting impact on mobile gaming. The game is childishly simple. You tap the screen of your mobile device to make the bird fly through gaps in between vertically placed pipes. The game seems simple enough but it is surprisingly difficult. Attaining the right balance to help the bird pass the pipes is difficult than it seems and this is what kept players hooked to the game. Getting a double digit score was a tough task. It was allegedly reported that people broke their phones out of frustration. Alas, the creator of the game was blame for copying ideas from Mario Super Bros. and Flappy Bird was taken off the application stores.