Two Games That Will Kill Your Time

Two games that will kill your time like anything.  They are so much time consuming that one of the game is about to come with a warning to take a break.

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga was the number one game on both Apple and Google Play stores and Facebook. The game became an addiction among people of all age groups because of its appeal. The point of the game is to cross levels by lining up the same candies and achieving the required target. What keeps you hooked to the game is the way in which it makes you wait. Every time you fail to cross a level, you lose a life of which you have only five at a time. Once you’re out of lives you to have wait for your lives to regenerate before you can play again. The visual appeal of the game is startlingly good. The colourful candies make the game very attractive and addictive. The simple brilliance of the game can bring out the child in any person having a go at the game.

Flappy Bird

The story of Flappy bird is a very fascinating one. When all mobile users were addicted to games like Temple Run, Temple Run 2, Subway Surfer, Candy Crush Saga, etc. the game of Flappy Bird made a very strong and fleeting impact on mobile gaming. The game is childishly simple. You tap the screen of your mobile device to make the bird fly through gaps in between vertically placed pipes. The game seems simple enough but it is surprisingly difficult. Attaining the right balance to help the bird pass the pipes is difficult than it seems and this is what kept players hooked to the game. Getting a double digit score was a tough task. It was allegedly reported that people broke their phones out of frustration. Alas, the creator of the game was blame for copying ideas from Mario Super Bros. and Flappy Bird was taken off the application stores.


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