Fast Food – The Hot Culture

Fast food as we now know it was first popularized in the 1950s in the U.S.A. But fast food then was a much simpler concept than it is now. The term, fast food, implies a meal that takes relatively less time to prepare. They are meals prepared in restaurants that have ingredients which are either pre-cooked or pre-heated and then served in a packaged form. However, the concept of fast food is a much more complicated affair in the 21st century. Fast Food Chains Fast food may have started off as something that was sold from carts, stands or kiosks but it is now an industry that is worth billions of dollars worldwide. What started off with hot dogs and burgers has now extended to include cuisine from all over the world. Fast food can now be anything from Mexican to Chinese. The vast variety of dishes that are served up as fast food is truly astonishing. The culture of fast food is such that it has permeated the lives of people all over the world. Small stands and kiosks have now become massive fast food chains. Establishments like McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King, etc. exist not only in the USA but in scores of countries across the globe. The food available at such places is made with standardised ingredients that are produced in one central location and then transported to their different outlets around the world. This leads to a standard quality of food that is tasty. Ordering at a fast food restaurant is a quick process. The menu is usually on display on a big lighted screen and tells you everything you need to know about the food there. Fast food chains are also popular for their combo meals which are usually a variation of their best items in sizeable quantities and claim to be economical. McDonalds are well known for their Happy Meal which always comes with a free toy. KFC’s chicken bucket is also world famous. Once you place your order, service takes a matter of minutes.