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Top Five Antivirus Software


For any PC, laptop, tablet and smartphone it is important to have anti-virus software. Today, there is a wide variety of anti-virus software to protect your computer from malware or Trojan. But, not all anti-virus suites have the same kind of functions and features such as parental control, smartphone anti-virus, identity theft protection and privacy controls. These functions vary from one product to another. However, one can still choose by analyzing the capability of the anti-virus, usability for fending off malware. Third-party software may provide you some extra software utility, which you will not find in Windows security feature.

Top Five Antivirus Software:

When it comes to the protection of a system, people become skeptic on which security software is worth investment. However, five most popular anti-virus software has become successful in gaining the trust of people by factors of features, usability, performance, upgrade capabilities and support.

1. Kaspersky:

It is one of the best brands in PC security with some powerful and unique features, such as parental control, detects new malware at 100 percent success rate and much more. However, it is a bit expensive, but it offers features and tools that worth the money. Kaspersky is easy to use that gives high-level of protection and take very less time to scan your system. The new Kaspersky anti-virus 2013 is launched especially for the features of Windows 8. It has a new user interface, which is touch-friendly with easy navigation. Some other features of this new version of Kaspersky are Windows troubleshooting assistant, browser vulnerability scanner, disc creator and privacy cleaner.

2. Bitdefender:

The second best anti-virus software is Bitdefender that provides an unfailing protection to your PC. It is the best anti-virus on terms of providing features that are not common in other anti-virus such as gamer mode, customizable interface, etc. Moreover, it also keeps a check on your childern’s social media account, keep hackers away from stealing your banking information, provide parental control, malware protection and much more. It has a feature that detects and destroys threats that attempts to track your activities. Bitdefender sets new standards in the technique of internet security detection, firewall and 100 percent security.

3. Norton:

The third anti-virus in the list is Norton anti-virus; it is easy to operate with several other features and performance that works together to protect your PC. As the online environment has become annoying, with several threats and hackers to track your sensitive information, this anti-virus has a proactive security measure. Symantec’s Norton anti-virus is one of the products that detect malware before the bugs enter into your PC. Moreover, it never slows down your system with an improved update system. The new release of 2014 is Symantec’s Norton 360 is an upgraded version that protects your PC and spots even the smallest threat from the internet. It has several other functions such as parental control, privacy protection, with user-friendly features.

4. AVG anti-virus:

The fourth one on the list is AVG anti-virus that protects your PC with layers of protection. It delivers advanced protection with user-friendly features. Some of the unique features of this anti-virus are that it gives protection from the social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, etc; it also has a LinkScanner feature that protects your PC from unreliable websites and many more.

5. McAfee:

The fifth and last in the list is McAfee anti-virus software that offers a number of protections for your PC. It has a redesigned user interface and covers every threat, from hackers, bugs, parental control, etc. It also offers web and email protection, firewall, vulnerability scanner, McAfee Quick Clean and many other features.