Cougar Dating: Why Younger Men Like Older Women

A cougar is a term, which is used for puma, panther or mountain lion, but this term is also used to define a woman of 35 or 40 years and seeking younger men to date, is very popular in France. The term cougar dating applies when a cougar wants to date a man 8 to 10 years younger than she is. Cougar dating or as known in French Rencontre cougar was first used in a TV series and in a Canadian website for dating. The term became popular because of the interesting idea it attaches. This is why many cougar dating sites are now established to provide cougars young men to build friendship or more than friendship.

Cougars love to date younger men because it gives them confidence, they are like a trophy to them. Nowadays, many young men have interest in older women; they are more comfortable to date with an older woman than a younger one. One may fall for a legendary cougar as old people know a lot more about life and have enough experience to handle any situation. This is why dealing with an older woman one should be open minded to start a conversation.

Reasons about Why Younger Men Like Older Women:

There are many reasons about why younger men find older women attractive.

First, they have more life experience that means they make wiser decisions. They also give better advice in any situation and help his young partner in coping with life, family and career. Being with her one will become a better man and a lover. Moreover, she will understand your needs and appreciate your decisions in any circumstances.

Secondly, they are not prone to some bad habits that a young girl might have, such as smoking, staying out all night or boozing, etc. As they are too much figure conscious, they eat healthy foods and work out regularly to stay fit. Their best thing is their beauty and they will do anything to look good. They do things that make her stand alone in a crowd and help to protect their sense of self-respect that most men find attractive.

Thirdly, as she is financially strong she does not need yours and even do not care about how much you earn. It is an advantage to a younger man, who may not be financially strong and unable to pay for everything. Moreover, like any young girl she will not call you for everything asking silly questions such as: Where are you? Why didn’t you call? Etc. She will not show you any tantrum or cry for little things because of her maturity and experience she is able to handle any situation without anyone’s help.

Some other interesting facts about cougars are that she is socially and sexually savvy and they know what they like in love and in a physical relationship. Unlike most young girls, they are less afraid to talk about their likes and dislikes in lovemaking as it gives them a sense of power and satisfaction. Every man knows that when a woman talks about her needs and what makes her happy in lovemaking; it makes a man more confident and easier to do the right thing that can satisfy his partner. Being intimate with your partner means that you are satisfied and it can be a sign of a long-term relationship. Because when two people discuss about their likes and dislike in bed and in their life, it helps to bring them closer. An older woman is a package of emotion, maturity, sexuality and loyalty. This is why they never hurt men because they know what they are doing and if they do not like you, they will tell you in your face, as they don’t have a habit of concealing their feelings.

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